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First of all... the latest new: DeFX for XMMS/Linux is ready!, I've reworked all the code to be more platform independant. Also I've included some new paramters to the Karaoke and reverb affects, and we have a new effect: the Phaser
Well... I've also switched to the Linux platform, so the Winamp version will be just a port of the XMMS version.

Also I've renewed this homepage, I get tired of the old style, and it doesn't look good with Netscape. There are some new sections too. Hope you like this new one...It's growing a lot!

If this is your first visit, you can read a little description of some of the sections below. To go there just use the toolbar at the left.

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Site Sections
DeFX The DSP/Effect plugin for Winamp(Win32) and XMMS(Linux)
DeFX is a plug-in module for Winamp/XMMS that enhance their sound applying cool effects like flange, chorus, voice removal, phaser(new!), reverberation, etc. In this page you can download the module itself, listen to some samples, see how the effects work (hey programmers) and how they can be configured.
Musical Proyects The musician point of view
Here you will find a brief background of me as a musician. There is also a little about the bands I've been and future proyects
You can listen to some samples too
Coding Other proyects
This sections contains other old programs I've done. And a little of my history as a coder
Linux The REAL Operating System
Here is some background info if you still don''t know Linux
Stop wasting time with that windows!
Friends & more Know my friends/family/love
Check this one, may be you are here!